If I may generalize, the modern marketer, especially digital marketer, ends up swimming through more data than they know what to do with. …

“We need to work with influencers more!”

I’m sure that most people in travel marketing have heard this, or something like this, in the last week, if not in the last month. It can come as a directive as a result of an article a superior has read or as…

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.

That’s all we hear in digital marketing, whether it’s the championing of AMP pages for user experience and commercial advantage, the rumours of a Google migration to a mobile-first index or increasingly specific and native advertising and intensive retargeting on social media.

I recently reached the summit of Ben Nevis — this is not a boast, please stick with it. At the base of the mountain (yes mountain!) I called my Mum to let her know that my two mates and I had managed to stumble our way to the top and…

Joe Stevens

I’m a professional working in digital travel marketing, here to learn and discuss all things online in relation to travel and tourism.

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